It isn't the pen; it's how you write your name

Branding is how you want people to remember you by.

I've been designing for over 20 years. When I was 15, I helped out at a local print and copy store, making designs for signs and banners. It allowed me to be mindful of my environment. During the car rides, I would look at the detail of every billboard and sign that passed by with appreciation. I was a lousy graffiti artist, but I was still doodling typography when I could not pay attention to a class lesson. Early on in my creative career, I was a record producer, pushing me to make album art, Myspace pages, and flyers. At that time, I believed I fell in love with the idea of branding without even knowing what it was.

Real Estate Brokerage

Reven Forest

Maintenance Company

Main Squad

Sports Club

Vale SC



Investment Property

Eddge Investment Group

Property Management

Ironclad Property Management

Real Estate


Property Management

Robert C. White & Co

Hair Salon

My Hair Studio

Fitness Company

Core 4 Strength & Fitness

Firearms Company

Standard MFG

Basketball Training Program

Box And One Basketball

Tae Kwon Do Demo Team


Fitness Education & Training

Total Fitness Evolution

Car Detailing

Jay Car Glow

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